World population and how I broke it



Did she really say that?

Did she really say that?

It’s not often that I am at a loss of words but today it actually happened.   I was at the doctor’s office with #7 for his checkup.  While we were waiting and checking out the cool fish in the aquarium a little boy of about 4 came up and started talking with #7.  Very cute moment.  Mom came up and we exchanged the usual, “Hi” “What a cute little boy” and the name of said cute child.

Than mom asked me, “Is he your only one?”

Cue my reply, “Oh, no he is #7.  He is the last one though.”

The mom cocked her head and smiled and said, and this is where my power of speech left me, “I guess you’re not worried about overpopulation.” 

I seriously couldn’t even form a comeback.  I smiled thinly and thanked god that the nurse called my sons name.

What the holy hell.  I didn’t expect a complete stranger to be such an idiot that she felt like she owed it to the world to pronounce how she thinks I am responsible for the overpopulation in my specific little corner of the world.

I, of course, thought of many a great comeback while fuming in the doctor’s office.  I was hoping that we would leave at the same time and I could zing her with one.  Unfortunately, she was either still inside or left before me.

Yep, daily

Yep, daily

What I would have liked to tell her is that frankly it’s none of her business and that her opinion is null and void.  That yes, actually, I am not worried about over population because my name and genes will be carried on 7 x more than hers.  Which means the future world will thank me.  That it was balanced out by my sister only having two kids.  I would have liked to call her ignorant and snide and that her kid wasn’t even that cute and that Bryden or Kryden or Beelzebub or whatever the hell his name was is a stupid name that reflects on her ability to not be able to spell.

But I was just astonished that this complete stranger felt the need to critique my choice to have as many children as I can afford like it was her right.  Does she pay for my groceries?  Was she paying for that doctor’s visit?  Does she have to support my family in any way shape or form?  No and yes.

She should support another mother’s decision to have as many or as few children as she wants.  She should be supportive of another parent and not dismissive.  She should learn to not wear stretch pants and knee high boots in May.

What did I learn?  That I need to have back up snarky material to unleash upon people when they make stupid comments like she did.  And that #7 really hates shots.



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