To the Mom with the crying child, I see you



To the Mom with the crying child, I see you.

Hello there. I see you struggling to keep your patience and sanity. I know that your child is not always the screaming wriggling mass that we see right now. I know that you did not intentionally set out for the whole world to see your child pitch a fit. I see you.

I see you taking a deep breath and trying to count to 10, only to get interrupted and have to start all over. I see you explaining through clenched teeth that no, they cannot have another candy bar or Shopkin or whatever other shiny throwaway has caught their eye.

I see you trying to calm your child down.  I see you trying to calm yourself down.  I am rooting for you.  I want you to stay strong and not give in to the crying, whining, “you are the worst mommy ever” spiel.

I see you chasing after your child.  I see you gently pulling small hands off of things that they don’t need.  I see you muttering that you will never do this again.  You are never taking them out in public.

I see you hissing to your child to behave, to stop that, to knock it off.  I see you firmly pull your child closer to you so they know you are serious.  I see you trying to reason with the insanity that only a child can conjure.  I see you explain to your child that they know they are not supposed to behave this way.

I am you.  I have been you.  I always tell myself that I will not take my child out in public, again.  I admonish to myself that if my child behaved that way, I would leave everything in my cart and drag them outside knowing that you are in the homestretch and there is no way in hell you are attempting this at a later time. I have flashbacks to bad shopping moments and questionable parenting styles.

I am glad that you are teaching your child how to behave.  I am glad that you are taking the time to show them that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is a long talk on the way home.  I am glad that you are persevering and not giving in to the behavior.  I am glad that you still will attempt to go out in public with a tired cranky kid because you are a mom and that is your job.

I am glad that you are not the parent who let’s their child run wild and says, “Oh, they’re just being kids” or the parent that did not teach their child the meaning of the word no. I am proud that you are of the tribe Mom.

I see you.




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  1. Martella May 2, 2016 @ 6:31 pm

    If #6 or #7 do this it’s partly my fault. When I was young certain toiletries were not mentioned in public you bought them and left the store. I asked my mom once in the store if we needed “that” product. I knew we did, but she refused to look at me. I didn’t care that she was talking to the local State Representative / family friend I just kept hounding her. Finally she jerks it away from me and hides it in the cart threatening to give me away. SO on the way out of the store I start yelling she’s not my mom and to please help. Cops pull us over about a block from the store and when they saw us ask if it was me being me… I was known in town. Sorry they get it honestly.

    • May 2, 2016 @ 10:36 pm

      You are too funny. Your poor mom!

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