Spring Break is Over and So Am I

They look sweet but looks are sooo deceiving

They look sweet but looks are sooo deceiving


Ahh Spring Break.  That time of year that comes too soon after Christmas (Holiday) Break and right on the heels of summer vacation.  I really do not hate Spring Break.  But I am not in love with it either.  First, #6’s birthday falls before, during, or after Spring Break depending on when Easter is.  This year, her birthday was on the first day of Spring Break.  Secondly, #7 always has a hard time adjusting when #4, #5, and #6 go back to school from break.  He is still little enough to like having his sister and brothers home and doesn’t understand when they have to go back to school.  Third, mommy was on spring break from her school at the same time that all the kids were.

So, Spring Break in my house is chaos.  Everyone home.  Nobody relaxed.  We typically don’t go on vacation for Spring Break because S.O. works in agriculture and that is the time that they are going out in the fields for spraying and planting.  Joy.  We are all stuck at home, one on top of another.  In muddy, rainy, could be cold, could be warm but not warm enough to play outside weather.

I had a birthday party to plan for #6, Easter dinner for the whole family, sister-in-laws birthday, hubby getting geared up for 15 hour days and no weekends off and all the kids  home.  It was not horrible but it was not pleasant.  Visions of sleeping in were banished when #6 was still stuck on school mode.  And she had to make sure that #7 was up with her.  Staying up late was in, because although #6 could not sleep in she could stay up all night like a tweaker on a 3 day binge.

The boys occupied the family room with friends and video games while #6 and #7 occupied the living room with Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse.  That left mom with either listening to teenage boys yelling at other teenage boys online over what a nube they were or listening to #6 argue with #7 over how Mickey Mouse was for babies.

And did I mention I was planning #6’s birthday party?  A Harry Potter themed birthday party?  Just in case you were wondering, and I’m sure the curiosity was killing you, there are no pre-made Harry Potter decorations.  That’s right.   Pinterest it was.  I made homemade wands using paper, hot glue, paint and tiny bits of my soul.  I printed out reams of paper dedicated to all things Harry Potter.  I made Honeydukes for gods sake!  And I got to do all this while playing peacekeeper between the children who shall not be named.

Now that Spring Break is officially over, I get to concentrate on writing papers and pretending to be interested in all the discussion my classmates feel are necessary.  (I get it, interacting with your classmates is an important part of school work, I just don’t like it.)  Please, 20 year old perky girl who knows nothing about life, tell me how social services and welfare reform in the 19th century is just what America will be like under (insert Presidential candidate here)  while I am making PB&J’s and chasing after a 2 1/2 year old who has discovered he can take off his diaper at will.   I am so interested.

I appreciate the fact that I get the opportunity to stay at home with my kids.  I just don’t always want the opportunity.  I am counting down the time to Summer Break.  Not because I am looking forward to as much as I need to know how much time I have to stock up on Vodka and find a nanny who will work for nothing.  Send me your applications now, I promise that I will respond!

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  1. Jennifer Kelly April 3, 2016 @ 8:10 pm

    I found you on family joy blog link up and I just love this! I have 5 kids so I somewhat understand where your are coming from!

  2. Samantha April 4, 2016 @ 6:21 pm

    I have a hard time adjusting after Spring Break too. I love having my kids home with me so it’s always hard having my son go back to school. It’s also hard getting back into the routine of getting up early and packing lunches. Thanks for joining the Family Joy link party! 🙂

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