On this fine spring day

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It is a beautiful day out.  The temperature is mid 70’s, lots of sunshine and a light breeze.  The grass is green and the trees are starting to look alive again instead of looking like a stage set from a horror movie.  I should be outside enjoying this beautiful day.  Instead, I am inside, writing up this blog to you, dear reader.  

I am not going outside right now because I have a paper due.  It’s not technically due until midnight tonight but considering the most thought I have put into is: I should probably get started on that paper, it’s probably going to be a long night.   I am not outside right now because #6 has allergies.  She has been sneezing, coughing, snotting, and her eyes are so red that she looks like she just got out of a Grateful Dead concert.  If they were still alive.  Gratefully.  (See what I did there?)

I am not going outside because #7 will have an absolute shit conniption if I take him outside and don’t let him stay for 8 hours.  With only about 20 breaks for a drink, or a snack or I just want to whine and slam the doors.   I am not going outside because if I do I will totally not ever write that paper. 

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I am not going outside because I have laundry to do and a house to pick up.  I have to budget what bills I am going to pay and what bills I can put off till next week.  I am not going outside because I have a bathroom that looks like a rest stop bathroom and is really really gross and foul.  I am not going outside because I do not have time to enjoy this beautiful spring day.

So, guess what?  I am going to step away and say fuck it.  I am going to go outside after giving #6 Benadryl.  I am going to let #7 run around the yard barefoot and enjoy the feel of the spring grass on his chubby feet.  I am going to let my freckles pop out.  I am going outside. 

I am going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful spring day and work on laundry later.  The bathroom will be fine until this evening.  The bills can wait till later.  And my paper isn’t due till midnight.  I have time to do the everyday things.  I might not always have time to enjoy a perfect spring day. 

I am going to go outside because I can.  This is one of the perks of being a stay at home mom.  I have some flexibility.  The downside is that my job doesn’t stop until I finally admit defeat and go to bed.  I am going to go outside because it’s so nice and the kitty boys want to explore and kill bunnies and moles and mice.  

I am going to enjoy this beautiful, perfect, spring day.



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