Obsessed Much?

I generally make fun of people.  A lot.  I think I’m being funny and witty and I really do it out of love.  I am a people watcher and have a running commentary anytime I go out in public.  Most of the time I keep it to myself but sometimes I have to share my jewels of observation.


I also have some pretty strong opinions of what I think is silly.  Take for instance, peoples obsessions with material items.  I have a friend who will only buy Dooney & Bourke purses.  She spends so much money on these fugly expensive things. She has a purse for every season and for almost every outfit.  I won’t pay over $20 for a purse that is just going to end up being thrown on the floor of every restaurant I go to.   I have two seasons:  my purse finally broke season and the cat peed in the purse season.   db purse

My husband loves shoes.  He has massively huge feet (you know the saying, big feet … big ass shoes) and in his defense, most places don’t carry a 15 EE in stock.  He is left with the option of ordering shoes online and most of them that aren’t work related are Nikes.   Seriously, he has orange ones, blue ones, black ones, white ones (that he won’t wear unless the weather conditions are perfect.)  He was talking about buying a pair of Air Jordan Retro 7’s that are only $750 and how it was a good investment.  Its someone’s used shoes, you could go to Goodwill and get plenty of those.  I have one pair of tennis shoes that I finally broke down and bought when my S.O. confided that LA Gears have been out of style since 1985.   I used to love shoes but now I love not having to wear them for extended periods of time.air jordan 7

Hair bows.  Okay, I put a bow in #6’s hair probably 80% of the time.  Half I buy at Walmart and the other half my MIL makes for special occasions.  I used to hate the hair bow trend on little kids and I still think it’s ridiculous to see a hair bow that is bigger than the kids head perched like a bird of prey about to attack.  That being said, #6 was completely bald for her first two years and I think she is still little enough to sport a cute bow in her hair.  But I am not obsessed with bows.  There are certain people I know who have bows that match every single one of their kid’s outfits.  They get seriously upset if said child loses the bow.  It’s a hair bow.  It’s not an Oscar.

silly bow

One of my sisters is obsessed with fairies.  She has fairies all over her car, her house, her yard, and her clothes.  It’s a fairie big deal.  (See what I did there?  Funny, I’m telling you.)  I don’t like tchotchkes.  I have a house that is cluttered with kids and do not need extra crap that might get dusted every couple of months.  She is also obsessed with the New Orleans Saints.  I love the team.  Almost named #6 after Drew Brees.  My sister brings it to another level.  So basically her house is like walking into a museum dedicated to fairies that love football. drew brees

I am not above having a fascination with something.  I have enough books in my house to put a library to shame.  I have issues with throwing out old clothes because someday I might wear that poncho again.  And I may have a problem with Yankee Candle.  I love Yankee Candle.  I have at any given time, at least 3 of those bad boys going.  I have boys and they smell and Yankee Candle makes the smell better.  I have a utility closet full of these semi-expensive heavenly scented things.   And yes, I have candles according to the seasons.  It’s spring/summer now so I have Lilac (love it), Fresh Cut Grass (mmm), and some yellow thing that smells like sunshine and happiness.  But I wouldn’t call it an obsession (while I’m frantically tracking my latest package.)

yankee candle spring

I am all about doing what makes you feel good within reason.  Plaster your kid in bows.  Buy purses instead of paying of your student loans.  Haves shoes that you will never wear because you don’t want them to get dirty.  Just expect me to do a lot of eye rolling and sighing while I am smelling my completely justified purchase of candles.



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