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I enjoy living in the country.  It is an adjustment for sure.  I can no longer order pizza to be delivered.  I have to drive 15 minutes to get to a gas station and if I want to go into town than its a little further away but the drive there is pretty.  I am not going to proclaim that I am a country girl because there are things about country living that I am still getting used to.

Internet.  I had totally taken for granted the ability to stream Netflix and pursue Pinterest for hours.  Before we moved to the Farmhouse I had unlimited internet and never had to think about data caps.  Now I have to parcel out what series on Netflix I want to watch (Narco!) and keep track of how much the kids are using the internet.  We have a data cap with our current and only internet provider and it kind of sucks.  The plus side:  the boys can’t just sit in their rooms playing online games for hours.   The downside:  #6 can’t stream YouTube for hours and now insists on acting out her favorite videos to me.  All the time.

Food.  I used to be able to pick up the phone and order food and it would magically be delivered to my front door.  If I wanted General Tso’s chicken than I only had to throw on my trusty yoga pants and drive 5 minutes away, same goes for ice cream and fajitas.  Now I have to plan meals in advance and make the food.  The plus side:  we are eating together more often as a family.    The downside:  I have to cook said meals.

Bugs.  Because my lovely S.O. works in agriculture, he would regularly spray the yard and house for critters like spiders, mosquitoes, and such.   Now that our yard is roughly the size of a suburban mall it is a little harder to contain the insect population.   Also, I never knew that grasshoppers were so prolific.  With all the fields around us it is impossible to keep the insect population down to a slight annoyance.  I’m talking about you moths and cicadas.   The plus side:  insects can be beneficial and my plants are doing better.  The downside:  bugs, ya know.

School.  The kids now have to ride the bus to school.   #6 was excited as she has always been a car rider because her old school was literally across the street.  That is, until she actually rode the bus.  Now she misses the 2 minute car ride.   #4 and #5 don’t mind the bus ride, they can nap on the way to school and it provides an incentive to get their driver’s license and/or make friends with kids who have a car.  Plus side:  Getting dressed in the morning is totally optional as the bus driver doesn’t care that I’m wearing pajama bottoms and an old Corona t-shirt.  Downside:  I’m wearing pajama bottoms and an old Corona t-shirt.

Pets.  We had two indoor house cats, Gus and Ivan the Purrible.  We still have the two house cats but we inherited three barn cats, Chuck Nelson, Skinny Pete and Kate the Cat.  Gus looks upon the barn cats with disdain and disgust however Ivan has embraced his country brethren with gusto and now runs with a bad crowd.  Also, turns out Kate the Cat was never spayed so we also have two kittens who have made their way inside: Neville Longwhiskers and Phyllis.  I went from two housecats to 7.  And the chickens.  We have four hens and an incredibly annoying rooster.  More on that in a later blog.   Plus side:  I will never have to worry about a rodent problem.  Or squirrels, Or birds.   Downside:  I’m one llama away from having a petting zoo.   Plus side:  I’m one llama away from a petting zoo.

I am getting used to the difference in living in the country.  I am embracing a slower paced life and enjoying more family time together.  It is a work in progress and I even listen to country music every now and then.  But not like the new country music with skinny jeans and three word band names.  I have my standards.    So, farm life is not so bad.  And thank god I have Dish Network so that I am not completely shut off.

Till next time, dear reader.  Till next time.


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  1. Marca September 12, 2016 @ 10:53 am

    Obie’s delivers to you.

    • September 13, 2016 @ 10:01 pm

      Yes, they do. But they are no Monicals!

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