I’ve been sick and really tired


Said no one EVER ...except for bees

Said no one EVER …except for bees

So, it’s springtime in the Midwest.  That time of year when the grass turns green, the trees are blooming and the pollen is raging.  It’s a time of beauty and Kleenex.  It’s like hell, if hell had a sense of humor.  A very very twisted sense of humor.

I have allergies.  Normally, they are not too bad.  I can take a Benadryl and it seems to work.  I also have sinus issues.  The two combined are not a pretty picture.  Red, itchy weepy eyes with a nose that runs like the Mississippi.  Over this past weekend, both my allergies and my sinuses decided to gang up on me.

I wanted to enjoy the rare Saturday that my S.O. actually had off even if it was because he had some major dental work done.  I wanted to be able to enjoy the nice spring weather and break out the old flip flops.  What happened was I got to run through two boxes of Kleenex (with lotion!), Benadryl wasn’t touching the crud that I had incubated, and I felt like total crap.  S.O. was taking pain reliever and antibiotics and his jaw was sore and swollen.  It was going to be fun.

#6 and #7 have also been laid low by spring.  #6 was finally feeling better but #7 was cranky, rotten, and sick.  He actually went to sleep Friday at 6:30 pm and slept through till Saturday morning.  That never happens.  To recap:  Mom’s sick, #7 is sick, S.O. just had some major dental work, and #6 is on the mend and was full of energy that no one else had.

I still feel like my immune system up and fled and #7 is still releasing more mucus than should be humanly possible.  I want nothing more than to go back to bed and snore/sleep until May.   But, being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom to those who don’t know the catchy abbreviations!) that is never going to happen.

I did catch a small nap yesterday while hubby and #6 were working in the yard and I had wrangled #7 down for a rare nap.  It lasted until #6 decided that every 5 minutes she had something to share that just could not wait for anything.  Like the fact that she wanted to wear red lipstick.  And that her sandals were cute.  And that Daddy needed scissors NOW.

I am going to try and make it through today.  I will try to give #7 some children’s Benadryl and hope that he doesn’t spit it out all over me.  I will hope that he will take a nap.  I will work on my mouth breathing skills since my nose has failed me.  And I will hopefully not be sick and tired tomorrow.

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  1. Martella April 25, 2016 @ 7:01 pm

    Poor Jo Jo feel better soon.

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