Its Finally Friday!

On our way to westville to go swimming ...

Its Friday and I should be happy.  The weekend is upon us! Well, for most of us.  For me, Friday is just the continuing story of chaos and questionable parenting.  I have a paper due, which I have yet to start, I have a field trip to chaperon with #6 while I drag #7 along, and laundry.  Piles and piles of laundry.

First off, the paper.  It is supposed to be about the Human Service professionals view on immigration and reform.  I have written the following:  I would like to immigrate to an beach on an island.  Preferably in the Caribbean.  I am pretty sure this is not what my professor wants out of my paper.  I have until midnight tonight to finish it.  It’s a good start though, right?

Second, #6’s field trip.  I might have forgotten that it was actually today.  I signed the permission form, sent the money for lunch, and even signed up to chaperon.  But in between doing that and #6’s constant reminders (what, me forget?) I sort of … forgot.  Until this morning when #6’s teacher reminded me of when to meet at school.  Gulp.  So, I have time to start a paper, change out of pajamas, maybe put on some make up (lip gloss and mascara it is) brush out my hair (who am I kidding, i’m clipping that mess up)  and get #7 ready.  Yep, this is going to go well.  Thankfully the field trip is to a local pizza place.  They are studying business (in Kindergarten!) and the owner is nice enough to let the kindergartners trample through his business and make pizzas.  At least I get to eat out.

Finally, laundry.  Oh laundry how I hate you.  I like clean clothes, I don’t mind washing them, and I don’t mind drying them.  But I hate the process of it.  Sorting clothes into piles: his, mine, whites, towels, unknown.  Than the folding of said laundry.  And finally, the putting up of the clothes.  And by that I mean which laundry basket is it going into until I have a burst of energy and actually hang them up.

On top of all of this, which is actually fairly normal, I have #7 taking off his diaper constantly and running around like he is on Naked and Afraid.  Which I am. Not naked, but definitely afraid because he is not fully (not even halfway) potty trained and likes to leave his droppings in strange and hard to clean places.  I was quite proud of him yesterday.  He pooped in a pot and peed behind the couch in a pattern that resembled a penis.  Maybe he will be an artist.  Proud mommy moment.

In closing (have to practice that paper) I will be late to #6’s field trip because #7 will not want to put pants on and I will have on a sweater that will pass for clean as long as nobody looks too hard at that small spot where I dropped a donut earlier.  And I will write the paper.  Definitely before midnight.




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