It’s been awhile


Oh my, it feels like I haven’t written a blog in weeks.  Which I haven’t.  I can blame the stress of moving but in reality, I have only packed up half of a closet in the living room, taken down pictures, and finally caught up on all the laundry including the whites.

I have cleaned up approximately 18 “accidents” that #7 insists on having right after I’ve eaten,  spent $200 on groceries that seemed to last 2 days, looked at furniture for the new living room, collected boxes for the move, went through #6 & #7’s way too big collection of stuffed animals, threw away 1 bag of stuffed animals, finally moved winter clothes into a spare closet, and reminded #5 approximately 5,125,478 times that dishes are his chore and he needs to do them before they mate and spawn more dirty dishes.

So, yeah, I have been a little busy.  Just a little.   I have also called to see about internet, trash, and cable at the new house.  On the good news front, our trash service will transfer but it’s a no go on internet.  Turns out country living is not conductive to internet usage.  Cable is out of the question unless we want to pay $3,500 per pole (and it only needs to have about 20 poles) plus the cable line and the running of the cable line.  I could pretty much own Comcast for that.   I do have the option of satellite but I don’t have the option of satellite internet which as I understand it, is a good thing?

I also have to register the kids for their new school, change over the mailing address at some point, find out about home phone service, and clean the new house once everything is finally out of it.  And clean the old house once all of our stuff is out.   Have I told you lately how much I detest moving?

I do not like change.  It takes me a while to acclimate to change.  I need to think about it, weigh my options, have all my ins and outs mapped.   So, while I have had two years to get used to the idea of moving since we began our house hunt I have not had two years to actually think about packing up 8 years of stuff.  And memories.

It’s a little harder than I expected.  But I’m powering through it.   And taking many many well deserved breaks.


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