I survived the move or how to test your marriage and sanity

Be it ever so humble... jk, that is a barn!

Be it ever so humble… jk, that is a barn!

Hello, dear readers!  I feel like I have been gone for so long that Ryan Lochte is no longer a topic of conversation!  I completely underestimated how long moving a household of 9 people plus 2 cats would take.  We are officially moved into the new house, here forth the Farmhouse, and boy do I have some stories to tell.

First, moving sucks.  I am glad that we have moved and while I miss the convenience of having stores, gas stations, and fast food within 2 miles of my house I am adjusting to it.  I unpacked my last box of crap about 2 days ago so I guess I can say that I am done unpacking.  Except for the garage and that is going to remain S.O.’s bailiwick.

We moved over the Fourth of July weekend and not only was everyone too busy to help move (not everyone, to my family members that helped, I love you and owe you.  To the family members that didn’t, you suck.) but Mother Nature decided to help by having torrential rains.  Love you too, bitch.  #2 had to work that weekend and while #1 is an organizing guru, her heavy lifting skills are questionable.  #3, #4, and #5 gave it a valiant effort but between them standing around not knowing what goes where and #6 and #7 acting like their juice boxes were spiked with meth, it was not fun.  S.O. and I argued, fought, decided we hated the new house, and somehow kept our marriage intact.

So, yes, I am glad that we are moved in.  The Farmhouse is starting to really feel like home and I am slowly getting adjusted to life in the country.   The first week involved trying to find my box of everyday clothes (#2 had them in his car for a few weeks), deciding that well water was not going to kill us even if the smell at first almost did (turns out you have to prime well pumps), having no internet and no possible way of getting internet, and deciding that Dish TV was a godsend.  Thank god for Peppa, Mickey, and Ben and Holly.   They managed to keep the toddlers busy enough that we were able to unpack and put up beds and not sleep outside in the car.

I learned that I still have too much junk, you will always have a missing box or two never to be seen again (I’m looking at you, box full of Tupperware lids!), and that next time we are hiring someone to move us even if I have to sell a kid.    I learned that there are not enough lights out in the country to not remind me of very single horror movie that I have ever seen and that our neighbors are curious about this large brood that moved in a ½ mile away from them.   The stars are beautiful at night with no light pollution to block them out, the sounds of crickets and cicada’s are pretty at first but after 2 solid hours will drive you to drink, and I learned that this new move tested us all.   We pretty much passed and are all still speaking to each other so that counts.  And in case you don’t know what a cicada is, allow me to present to you this picture below.  Ewww.

Image result

I missed you, dear readers and now that I have internet (mostly) and the monsters are back at school (mostly) I will do a better job of entertaining you with my stories of what not to do as a parent, sister, daughter, wife and farmhand.   Till than, toodles!

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  1. Lora September 3, 2016 @ 2:57 pm

    Love reading your blogs! So humourous! Missing you and the kids!

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