Why I went back to school

I am 40 something years old.  I am a fairly intelligent, sometimes well spoken, mostly snarky adult.  I decided to go back to school because I had always had the dream of being a college graduate.  I never got the pleasure of walking in a high school graduation.  I did make the stupid decision to quit high school in my senior year.  I did get my GED within 5 months of said stupid idea.  And I have regretted quitting ever since.

When #1 graduated high school I was so proud and so embarrassed.  I was an honor roll student in high school.  I earned extra money as a young mom by writing college papers for other people.  So why did I never go back to school?

Some of it was laziness.  Yes, I had 5 children all under the age of 10 at one point but I could have done it.  I worked full time with 5 kids under the age of 10, school would have been a breeze.  Some of it was I didn’t think it was necessary at the time.  I lucked into a career as a police dispatcher and it paid well enough that I did not have to think about going to school.   Most of it was just embarrassment.  How could I go into a classroom with people decades younger than me and just be starting out?

As #1 started out on her own college career I realized that one of the best things I could do for my kids was to show them that you are never too old and that I owed it to them (and myself) to go back to school.  S.O. was tremendously supportive in my idea to go to college and because I had left my lucrative job to be a stay-at-home mom, what better time to do it?

I looked into traditional brick-and-mortar schools and frankly the idea of having to get dressed and show up to class before 10 a.m. and caffeine was too scary.  With my schedule and 2nd shift habits, online school was more appealing and more economical.   I could go to school in my pajamas.

I do not regret taking online courses and am proud to say that I am halfway through my bachelors program.  It has been hard and I stay up till 2 a.m. most nights finishing up homework and writing papers and answering discussion questions.  Attempting to do schoolwork while #7 is having a meltdown because Mickey Mouse is over is not a good idea.  I have a solid 3.78 GPA which I am ridiculously proud of and even more important, my kids are proud of me.

I have shown them that you are never to old to challenge yourself, never too old to better yourself, and that you alone have the chance to feel good about yourself.   I am thankful that my hubby encourages me even though he keeps telling me when I graduate that it’s his turn to stay home.  I think he’s joking.  I really hope he is joking.


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