I can see light at the end of the tunnel or finally we are unpacked!

This is exactly how it went!

This is exactly how it went!

And the saga of the horrors of moving continues.  I promise, dear reader, I will only subject you to this last blog about how incredibly disorganized and frustrating this move was.  I can only relieve this so often before my facial tics start to come back!

Once we accomplished the move to the Farmhouse, we only had to unpack and settle in.   Easier said than done.  Our internet was held up for over a month because, and here’s a surprise, the internet provider never told me I needed to have a post set 4 feet into the ground for them to install their satellite dish.  This information would have been nice to know, prior to the tech coming out to install it.  So we installed a damned pole.  And then the internet people took their own sweet time to come out and install it.   It’s okay, I don’t have anything better to do than wait for them to do their job and run up my cellphone bill so #6 can get her YouTube fix.

Now that we were moved in, it was time to unpack and make the house feel like home.  If I could find all of my boxes.  And if I were organized enough to have put boxes in the rooms that they needed to be in.  Which I did.  At the old house.  By the time the boxes and furniture arrived at the Farmhouse they had morphed into a disorganized pile of boxes full of crap.  I actually only unpacked the last box a couple of days ago.  Still haven’t found my box of Tupperware lids but I did find the junk drawer box.   Yay, me!

During the move, #4’s box springs got damaged.  By damaged I mean they imploded in the back of the trailer.  Add new box springs to list of things that I need, along with about 5 boxes of wine.   #3 couldn’t find his bedsheets and refused to put the Disney sheets or flower sheets that I could find on it.  Who knew 19 year olds were picky about what they sleep on?  #5 had packed all the various video games and equipment but failed to remember where he put the power cords for said video games.  He is the least favorite child of his siblings at the moment.  They are probably in the same box as my Tupperware lids.

#6 decided she did not want to share a room with #7 and begrudgingly gave up a small corner of her room for his toys.  She is a sweetie like that.  She also decided that her sheets were too scratchy for the new house and insisted on putting flannel sheets on her bed.  Good luck with this decision as the temperature crawls up in the high 90’s.

The cats made the transition to the new house smoothly by immediately running upstairs and hiding out in a closet for 4 days.  We lured them out with the promise of open fields and plentiful mice.  Gus, my gray boy, has decided that he does not like the farm life and rarely ventures out the back door.  Ivan, our little black one, made fast friends with barn cats and now I am worried he is going to get in fights and stay out past curfew.   He is hanging out with a bad crowd.


So the move is complete, we finally have internet, we are basically unpacked and settling in.   I set a date to have an autumn themed party to show off the Farmhouse and set a time limit on how quick I need to get everything put away and to push S.O. into cleaning out the outbuildings and garage.   Hey, it could happen!

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