Here are a few of my unfavorite things

First off, I am absolutely gutted over Prince’s death.  He was a music icon for my generation and I can remember singing “Kiss” with the OG5 on the way to school many a day.  2016 has not been a great year for musicians.   If Willie Nelson goes than I am totally going to need therapy.

Secondly, I am blessed with many things.  A great husband, lovely healthy children, food in my pantry (though the teenagers would disagree on this point), a roof over my head.  I realize this but I also realize that some things just suck.

I have two friends battling breast cancer.  I am thankful they are both doing well but it still sucks that they had to go through this.  Thank God for early prevention.   They are true warriors and set the example of grace under pressure.  You guys rock!

My best friend lost her mom a year ago yesterday.  She lives 900 miles away and I wish more than anything that I could be there to hug her and commiserate with her (it’s been 19 months since my own mom passed) and get shitfaced while talking about all the great memories I have of Miss Nita’s famous sweet tea and hanging out around the kitchen table.  I love you brat and miss you and this sucks, too.

My husband is on his first day off in 12 days but only because he has to get a tooth worked on.  It sucks that he hasn’t been home and the kids and I have missed him but I know that this is the life during spring and fall.  It’s planting time and this is like tax season for farmers.  They have a short window to get the fields prepped and planted and right now the weather is co-operating but this is the Midwest so stay tuned.   So, glad that he is actually home, sucks that he is going to be on some serious meds and will be out of it after his dentists appointment.   Although I am sure I will get some funny videos that I can share with family & friends.

Game of Thrones starts Sunday.  This is a win/loss.  I know that #1, #4, and my sisters and nieces are thrilled but this means I have to put up with another 6 weeks of hearing all about GoT which I refuse to watch because they are so into it.   Silly, yes.  Worth the irritation in my families eyes when they try to talk about with me and I say, Nope, don’t watch it?  Priceless.  Also, this means that I am behooved to Comcast for the next 6 weeks or the kids will revolt.  And Comcast sucks.

To sum up:  yes I have many many things to be grateful for.  I also have some very small (minuscule on the scale of breast cancer and the loss of a mom) things that suck.  And it’s okay to not have a perfect day.  I do not think I have ever had a perfect day.  Even on my wedding day to S.O. which was awesome, I had a drunk brother in law who punched a minor and couldn’t drink because #6 was incubating.  It was still a great wedding.

I will take the good with the not so great because that’s life and I hope I will always be able to find the humor in the good and the not so great because otherwise, I might have to binge watch GoT.

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  1. The Little Tourist April 29, 2016 @ 7:20 am

    This is good reminder of how life works and great encouragement to still search for the good in all of it. Thanks for sharing on #FFBH!

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