Hair, I hardly knew ya

With hair this perfect who needs a stylist? !?

With hair this perfect who needs a stylist?!?

I only have two daughters.  And I am thankful for this.  With boys, they get haircuts, they sometimes brush it, and they are good to go.  The same does not hold true for girls.

When #1 was little I was lucky.  She had silky straight hair and the style (very early 90’s) for little girls were bobs.    Her hair would not hold a curl and all it took was a hairbrush and she was done.    She would leave bows in and had a favorite hat to cover days when Mommy wasn’t feeling like it.  Which was a lot.   The 90’s were the heyday for easy hairstyles.  Twist those bangs up and clip them with a plastic butterfly clip.  Ready for school.  Easy peasy.

Nice good hair on #1

Nice good hair on #1

These glory days were followed by 4 boys who only required a trim every once in awhile.   And then came #6.

She was bald.  I mean, she looked like her dad was Mr. Clean.  This stage lasted for two years.  Two years of strangers telling me how cute my little boy was.  Dressed completely in pink with pierced ears.   She kept hair bows in long enough for me to get excited and than ripped them off with abandon.

No hair, no problem

No hair, no problem

bald lily

And than one day … she had hair.   It seriously is like she woke up one morning and decided to glue a blond curly messy mop on her head.  I do not have curly hair.  None of my children have had curly hair until #6.  My husband has no hair. I was stumped.  How do I manage this mess?  Using a regular hairbrush was out of the question. Those cute tight little curls turned into a frizzy mess.  I went through combs, paddle brushes, round brushes.  No avail.  If the hair did not frizz out than there was the screaming.  From #6 and me.  Not only did she have unruly untameable hair but she was tender headed.  Lucky me.

This is how many times I don't cry when I get my hair done. Ever.

This is how many times I don’t cry when I get my hair done. Ever.

And because #1 would no longer let me dress her or do her hair and none of the boys have ever cared about appearance, I was doomed.  Here was a daughter I could put hair bows on and dress in pink and have a bonafide girly girl.  But her hair had other ideas.

Now that #6 is in kindergarten, I cannot get away with throwing the mess up in a ponytail and vowing to comb it out after her bath.  With lots of conditioner.  And spray.   I have to do her hair every morning.  And she fights me every morning.  Crying, yelling, hiding.  And that’s just me.  #6 has elevated her non-hair game to a professional level.  She will hid all the hairbrushes.  She will “lose” her hair ties.  She will hide in spots that I never knew existed in our house.  Every morning.

I have mastered the messy bun for those morning that I just don’t have the fight.  Don’t judge me.  It’s popular.  And she can pull it off unlike her mother who looks homeless.  I love her curls.  I love her long long curly unruly hair.  And I am prepared for when she will no longer allow me to touch that hair.  And I look forward to it!


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  1. Martella March 5, 2016 @ 1:20 pm

    I’m glad you’re doing this blog, because one day you will miss all this fuss and she will be out the door.

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