Green Acres



Oh my god, it feels like I haven’t written any blogs in like forever.   I do have a valid excuse though.  After about 2 years of looking and looking at houses I can finally announce that we found one!  Yep, we hope to move by the first of July so I am so excited and overwhelmed but mainly excited!

I will miss our adopted town.  I love all the people in our little town. They are so friendly and welcoming. Except for the bald guy who lives down the street.  He has never waved back once in 7 years so he can go spit.   I love our little grocery store, and our pizza places, and our little Chinese restaurant.  I will miss the schools and the activities.  I will miss the house that we were married in, had 6 & 7 in, and established our blended family in.  I will miss the few friends that I have made and promise to keep in touch.  But it’s time to move on.

We are moving into an over 100 year old farmhouse out in the country.  I will really miss the convenience of being able to run to the store or the gas station in less than 5 minutes but I am so looking forward to hopefully having a simpler life and more family time.  Mainly because cable is not available and the internet is going to suck.  Also because my kids are addicted to video games and streaming content and need to de-zombify.

We are moving from a town of 5,000 to our nearest neighbor being waaaaay down the road.  We are moving closer to family and friends.  We are going to be like Green Acres!  (for those of you too young to know, Green Acres was a t.v show in the 50’s about city folk who live on a farm, I wasn’t alive in the 50’s but re-runs in the 70’s were a staple.)

I am looking forward to this new change but also a little nervous.  I know every nook and cranny of my current house. Every creak and groan.  I can maneuver down the stairs with no lights on just from muscle memory.  We were married in the backyard by my mom and it seems silly to be sad about it but I am.

I am looking forward to learning all the creaks and groans of our new house.  I am looking forward to being able to run around the house in my undies if I want and not have to worry about the neighbors (who am I kidding, I do that now and have no shits to give.)   I am looking forward to figuring out who is going in what bedroom and how to decorate and what goes where.

I am not looking forward to packing.  I have started the process of going through 4,000 square feet of stuff and it is a chore.  I have filled two trash bags just out of the living room alone.  I discovered I have a cache of VHS movies and have no VCR (if anyone needs a VHS tape of Twister, hit me up.)   I also had a ridiculously high number of loose batteries in a drawer with no idea if they are dead or can be used.  I tossed them out and didn’t look back.

So, I will be a little hit and miss with my blog while we are preparing for the  move and I am sure I will have a ton more funny/tragic stories about our family adjusting to packing and moving.   Till then, (singing very off key) Greeeen Accres is the place for me!

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