A good weekend

We get so busy with kids, school, work, functions and sometimes the last thing I want to do on the weekend is to run around.  The last three weeks we have had sick kids and a sick S.O.  I went no where except for runs to the local dollar store or gas station for necessary supplies like ginger ale and kleenex and bleach.  I was going stir crazy.

This weekend:  no sick kids, no sick S.O.  Friday, I took my dad to lunch to celebrate his belated birthday.  #7 went with us.  We had a nice lunch and then a not so nice time at the grocery store.  #7 had reached his saturation point of being told no and started to act like a madman.  He at one point called me a devil woman.  The clerk thought it was funny, I did not.   Grandpa reacted by buying him a toy with candy and handled it very well.  He got to leave for the day, I was stuck with #7.

That evening my wonderful neice agreed to babysit and S.O. and I went out to dinner sans kids.  Except for my two other nieces from my sister-in-law who were so beautifully behaved that it didn’t even seem like they were there until I had to take them to the bathroom.  It was like herding cats but all in all, it was a successful dinner.  The food was excellent and the company was great too.

Saturday morning S.O. and his dad left bright and early to go to a farm toy show (don’t ask.  I’m happy I didn’t go.   S.O. can have his hobbies and I don’t have to have the same ones.  Happy happy.)   I picked up the  house, cleaned up the fingernail polish that #7 got on the granite countertop without any type of damage to the countertops or him, managed to get dressed and have the kids dressed by the time #1 and my MIL came by.  Great start to the day.

We went with the inlaws to a flea market and I actually enjoyed walking around looking at other people’s junk.  The kids were pretty good (although #1 had her fill about halfway through and could be heard grumbling that “this is why I never want kids.”  Great birth control method, spending time with your much younger siblings!)  #4 spent his money on a pocket watch, #6 got “antique” toys (i.e. they were from the 90’s) and #7 got ice cream, popcorn, and a couple of trucks.  Mommy got nothing but getting out of the house, taking 4 kids to a flea market, and not not losing my temper was reward enough.

By the time we got back to the farmhouse it was still nice out and we were going to start a fire but decided that all that walking around was exercise enough and settled in to watch some movies.  It was a great end to the night.

Sunday was our sleep in day (re: until at least 8 a.m.) and we ate snack cakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch and had breakfast for dinner.  We watched movies in bed with the kids and accomplished nothing.  It was a great weekend.

I love weekends where we all get to hang out (except for #2 who never returns my calls or texts and #3 who cannot be bothered to wake up until 2 p.m. and #5 who just in general never wants to hang out) and relax.  This weekend we may have projects, we may have to run errands, we may even not do a damn thing.  And that’s perfectly alright with me!


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